Goddess in the Bible

"Goddess in the Bible" for "Alphabet" My blog post about the Goddess images in the St. John’s Bible was picked up by the Friends of Calligraphy journal Alphabet and published during the summer of 2009. I expanded on my original post with additional images and material. You can read the original post at this link, or if you would like to download the more complete published article, click on the link below. I am grateful to the editor, Judy Detrick, for publishing this unorthodox view of the St. John’s Bible, and particularly to the illuminators Donald Jackson and Suzanne Moore for this lovely new interpretation of the Book of Sirach. The illumination “In Praise of Wisdom” especially draws on the images in Marija Gimbutas’ book The Civilization of the Goddess, reaching much farther back in history than when the Christian Bible was written. It is a joy to see these ancient images in this modern version of the Judeo-Christian holy book.

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