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Art Book Reviews

I began publishing book reviews in the 1990s in the newsletter of John Neal, Bookseller, and workshop and exhibit reviews in calligraphy and book art guild journals. I have gathered several of these here that were published at a later time on my old website, Prose and Letters. Original publication date is noted at the end, and updated ordering information if relevant.

I recently (early 2022) found these on an old hard drive, in a folder entitled “cari articles.” This was my way of making myself small. In those days, I also thought of myself as a writer, with a small “w.” As you can see in the header of this website, I have claimed myself as a Writer now. Writing these reviews helped me rediscover my joy in composing fine sentences. Reading them is like visiting an old friend who knew me back in the day.

New book reviews coming as I have time to write them! For more about books that I have learned from in my writing career, visit A Writer Reads.