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Bodleian Medieval LibraryBecause I love words and dictionaries, you will find here many explorations of the meaning and current use of words both common and extraordinary.

The word “library” comes from the Latin word “liber” which means “book.” A library is an organized collection of books representing learning or knowledge for reading or reference. We think of a library as a place where books live, and ideally can be seen by everyone and even borrowed.

My work is well-represented in libraries near and far, searchable on WorldCat, the online database of OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center. I became familiar with WorldCat many years ago when I was introduced to the altogether thrilling idea of interlibrary loans, which have made possible the obscure research I love.

Libraries and books have been changing form. Here in this section I have teased out the various aspects of writing and “bookness” onto separate pages. My Library touches on art and calligraphy, diaries and essays, craft and memoir, reviews and poetry.