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Brigid Hearth Altar 2023

Brigidtide – Shy and Tender

Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, Groundhog Day – by any of its names, we are in one of the four cross-quarter tides of the year, coming as it does between midwinter and vernal equinox.  It is the quickening time, but for me the first stirrings of early spring are more shy and tender than usual.

Library Shelf Magic


Essays, book excerpts, a bit of poetry, some book reviews, some craft articles, and a few memoir explorations.

Prayers_Night Shadow diagonal

Morning Prayer / Evening Prayer

Two books, boxed as a set, made from prints of original watercolor paintings and calligraphy Edition of 12 28 pages each [...]


Calligraphic art is a way to express and share the power of language. Prose and Letters offers a broad selection [...]