Writer, scribe, artist. Worlds of flower and stone, folkway and story, medicine and magic.

My Faithful Community of Writers

I thought perhaps by sharing these quotes and photos I might establish some new connections with the fabled writing community on Instagram. Instead I renewed a connection with my younger self, the girl whose loneliness sent her to books in the first place, the young woman whose frustration that her writing dream had to wait was amplified by a dismissive professor who frankly discouraged her from even imagining such a thing.

Morning Writing by Hand


Essays, book excerpts, a bit of poetry, some book reviews, some craft articles, and a few memoir explorations.

Bequeathe Love - fully open

Bequeathe Love

Handmade book, open edition, signed; first printing of 17 copies; second printing of 27 copies 8 pages 9 x 3 x .25 [...]


Prose and Letters offers a broad selection of inspirational words in small affordable art pieces to give or keep. Calligraphic [...]