Cari_Art Star

“The deep past, recorded or intuited, is the source for contemporary explorations of spirit, manifesting as books, texts, amulets, grimoires. Special interests include the origins of writing, medieval illumination, the natural world, simple magic encoded in nursery rhymes, fairy tales, folkways. I draw from ancient scribal methods and sacred practice in the making of my books, to reach backward and forward in time and consciousness. Narrative creates structure. I play with poems, primal symbols, color, and pages marked entirely by hand. Painting, hand writing, stitching and binding combine to create a journey, often using natural materials, pocketed charms, extra content in marginalia. Occasionally my books are reproduced as limited editions by means never dreamed of by my scribal forebears. Handmade books as bearers of enlightening, secret, and sometimes subversive knowledge have been and will continue to be a most intimate and complex form.”

Cari Ferraro is a scribe and book artist whose work explores folklore, writing, the old ways, sacred practice, and line in its many magical forms. A degree in Literature and Creative Writing led to the founding in 1981 of Prose and Letters, offering greeting cards, prints and books both instructional and artistic. Her books are in many private and public collections. She lives alongside a creek in downtown San Jose, California. Her work may be seen at Cari Ferraro and at Prose and Letters.