Summer Writing Retreat

Now that we are nearly at the fall equinox, teetering on the hinge between the waning light of summer and the waxing dark time of autumn, I find myself looking back as well as forward toward Yule. My summer was sweet and productive. The book I’ve been working on needed to be taken into isolation […] Read more


Love and Compassion

I entertained my calligraphy pens again recently, old friends that seemed glad to see me. The remit: to create a well-lettered presentation of this quotation by the Dalai Lama: Love and compassion are the pillars of world peace. It seems so simple. Everyone would like to agree with it, and yet, it seems elusive in our […] Read more


“The indecisive are always open to signs. They solicit portents; seek guidelines in the sky; open bibles to find prophetic verses. They even (I did once) walk down a row of books in a library, with eyes closed, and point to a title that will provide guidance. Eyes closed, I touched a book, and found, […] Read more

Codex 2019_Marina Soria_Mira Calligraphia_detail

Last week I emerged from my solitary bastion to go out into the world and rub elbows with other artists and writers. I’ve been thinking of my workspace as a StoryKeep – “keep” as in the inner stronghold of a castle, a refuge, plus another meaning of the word – to keep, to remember, to […] Read more