Cal Revels Unruly Magic_TimeTree

How could we “gather” if we could not all be in the same place, holding hands while we danced the Lord of the Dance and hearing one another sing?

Sun Wheel Advent Wreathe Air Fire Water Earth

This particular chant is one that often comes to me when I am feeling quiet and introspective, which is how I want to feel at the winter solstice.

Cari with coronavirus mask Midsummer 2020

I’m tempted to look for silver linings in rough days, being a natural optimist, but this has been a lot. A lot. Apart from the pandemic quarantine and the fires and the election and the general malaise of depression among just about everyone, not to mention (not to mention?) death all around, there is the sheer crushing dailiness of just going on, through uncertainty and fear and loss. Here are some of my lifelines.


Womb Time

Womb Time_surgery altar

I scheduled it for a waning moon, the lunar enactment of going into the shadow. The time had come to fully become a winter woman.