Moving and Not Moving

Moving_Big Wheel Dolly

We are kind of moving house, which we have not done in 40 or 50 years, depending on which householder you talk to here. If you never move, you never clear out your stuff. That is what I have been doing with a will for the last six months.


This talisman on my hearth will remind me to let fear guard me, but not rule me, and when I feel fear, let it be tempered with love so that I make the right decision.

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Unruly Magic – A Pandemic Revels

Cal Revels Unruly Magic_TimeTree

How could we “gather” if we could not all be in the same place, holding hands while we danced the Lord of the Dance and hearing one another sing?


Yule: It Starts Very Quietly

Sun Wheel Advent Wreathe Air Fire Water Earth

This particular chant is one that often comes to me when I am feeling quiet and introspective, which is how I want to feel at the winter solstice.