Being Public

Remedios Varo, La llamada (The Call), 1961

I am publishing some excerpts from my books, the one I’ve finished and the one in progress. . . this time, I am telling some deeply held secrets. Telling my story. And my grandmother’s story too. Coming out of the shadows. I have uploaded two excerpts from my book, Mother Knot, and one from my work-in-progress, An American Girl in Tehran.


The Prose Dispatch Masthead

Dispatch Biz Card Die

When I was still a youngster in Ohio, I was taken on a school field trip to see the inner workings of The Columbus Dispatch newspaper. I can still see, in my memory’s eye, a big open sunlit room where the editors and writers worked, filled with many people and a bustle of purpose. And my memory’s ear still thrums with the great sound of the presses rolling in an even bigger room.


A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. In this year’s Heart to Heart calendar, it is my own calligraphy gracing my kitchen this November, and for that, first of all, I am grateful. As is so often the case with gratitude, there is a trace of bittersweetness in the feeling . . .


Moving and Not Moving

Moving_Big Wheel Dolly

We are kind of moving house, which we have not done in 40 or 50 years, depending on which householder you talk to here. If you never move, you never clear out your stuff. That is what I have been doing with a will for the last six months.