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Once again, I have visited and emerged brimming with ideas from the Codex Book Fair. This year I braved the concrete floor and many hours on my feet to see my newest creation, Morning Prayer/Evening Prayer, on display at the Vamp and Tramp table. What a pleasure it is for me to be represented at this show! Though [...]


A Bevy of Yule cards

by Cari on 12/05/2016

in Calligraphy

A wise friend once suggested that a nice way to fill the well when feeling sidelined was to look at past work. And it’s customary toward the end of the year, and on one’s birthday, our personal year, to “take stock” and look back on the triumphs and trials of the past year. The trials, tedious [...]


Soul Tending

by Cari on 11/13/2016

in Writing

This week, I have had few words. I have felt such a deep sense of despair it borders on catatonia. I am tending to my soul, and doing all the right things to begin to heal the shock and disillusionment that have threatened to sink me, and so many of us. My time-tested way to [...]


This year’s journal has arrived in summer, now opposite from the beginning of the calendar year. But since I observe time in a circular way, any day on the wheel of the year is the first day of the year that will follow. As usual I begin working on the pages long before they are [...]

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It is easy to forget that kindness can help to ease difference of opinion and lessen hatred. In these days of political discord at best and outright terror at worst, I can’t pretend that a little calligraphy will do anything to change that. Sometimes all we can do is try to add a little beauty [...]


Calligraphy is “slow writing.” As the art of simple handwriting becomes more rare, learning to write slowly and beautifully is a meditative and rewarding practice. This spring I’ve been teaching a class designed to demystify the tools and materials of my trade. If you have ever wondered what to do with that calligraphy pen with the [...]


The labyrinth with the heart at its center was the site and stage for a deeply personal family saga this year. At the winter solstice, our son married his beloved in the heart of this labyrinth. They joined paths by walking to the center and exchanged vows while poised on the heart. My part in [...]


During the summer months of this year, I spent many hours perambulating between my studio and my computer screen, creating a modern manuscript in a medieval style. The job inquiry came in late May, and the final artwork was delivered the first week of October. During those four months, I used just about every trick [...]


A Remembering Altar

by Cari on 11/02/2015

in Wheel of the Year

This year my altar for the dead is small but heartfelt. Having just returned from a week in Seattle, I’ve been absorbed in the prosaic chores of laundry and others sorts of reconnoitering. But the home front didn’t feel complete without a nod to the ancestors and other beloved dead who seem to draw near [...]


Come to me body of grain Come to me soul of light Come to me rest your head I will give you life – Demeter and We in my own lettering At the autumn equinox this year my thoughts turn not to equanimity but to darkness. At this time of the year, Demeter, the great [...]