The Dawn, for Heart to Heart

However Long The Night_640px

This summer’s labor for the Heart to Heart calendar has found its final form and been submitted to this worthy project. I always like working on these, for it is good to reconnect with the simplest principles of my craft. My aim is to convey the feeling of the words without any additional bells and whistles, using only black ink, white paper, and my own creativity with letters. Using Photoshop to composite the elements is essentially no different than the old cut and paste method I used to do. In this case, each of the three lines were written separately, though I used an overlay to help place the second line in dynamic relationship with the heavy top line. Can you tell I was trying for a horizon?

Other years of my calligraphy work for this project can be seen here, and here, and a little of my history with this project here.

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  • christina schneck 08/08/2013, 1:22 pm

    Hi Cari:

    I could tell that was a horizon line, very nice. Is this calendar available for sale? I am always looking for new calendars to be inspired and cherished.

    Take care,

    Christina Schneck

    • Cari 08/08/2013, 3:07 pm

      Christina, I’m sorry but this calendar is not available for sale. It is a labor of love by the editor. From the last link above: “Published in Oakland, this calendar was begun decades ago by her own grandparents, and is never for sale, but rather shared with the needy in her community . . .”

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