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In the right column of this journal you may have noticed a link for “Storefront” which takes you to my website, Prose and Letters. This has been my calligraphy and design business for thirty years, from the days of being a jobbing calligrapher with two school-age kids at home, to eventually producing a line of greeting cards, artist edition prints, and in the last decade, a few limited edition books. My year tends to turn on the hinge of this business. Selling seasonally means thinking of and planning for the winter holiday season in the middle of summer. It’s all good. I like the variation in what I do.

I have started a Page on Facebook for Prose and Letters. Here I will post new releases, shows, sales and lore about the creation of many of these works. If you’re on Facebook and want to follow, here’s the link: www.facebook.com/proseandletters. (One day I’ll get the hang of coding these “Like” buttons.) If you are a follower of this journal through Networked Blogs on Facebook, please Like my new Page for Prose and Letters. I will post pertinent links from this journal on my Prose and Letters Page. I am never sure if Facebook will be keeping Networked Blogs on board, so you can also sign up to follow this website’s news at the top of any page, in the Subscribe navigation link.

Please come by for a visit to my virtual storefront. Or if you are in San Jose, my bricks and mortar storefront is at Kaleid Gallery, in the downtown area.

Much of the work on the Prose and Letters site was made during the 1990s when I was pretty deep into learning my craft and practicing a lot of different styles, layouts, and calligraphy hands. Things began to ramp up in 1994 when I began working with Revels on the production of a card to be mass produced and sold at their shows around the country (that was Lord of the Dance). I produced many more Yule cards in the years after that, the most recent one in 2009, as well as prints. I created Fra Giovanni’s Letter to a Friend in 1994 as well, and had my first open studio. Here, finally, was a place to pour all of my favorite literature. I have been working for many years to make the chosen words as exciting to the viewer as they are to me.

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