Stitched Script Journal

Stitched Script Journal

Here is a little journal I stitched this week. It was a nice way to pick up the thread of my work, so to speak, after the holiday hiatus, the busy season for Prose and Letters, and a top-down studio cleaning. This is a small journal: the folio size is half a letter size piece of paper and I have a nice ream of Crane’s 100% cotton bond I like to use in case I want to use water media. I make these small journals for taking notes about the various crafts and arts I study. I had fun with some of the Old European script on this book (subject of an upcoming article in Alphabet), its runic character lends itself nicely to stitching. The binding is a non-adhesive cross-structure, with some exposed stitching on the spine; covers are some leftover scraps of Cave paper. And I like to use a ribbon or some kind of tie for my journals so I can keep a pen or pencil always at the ready. I love the feel of textiles on a book, and this ribbon’s position in the photo makes it seems as though the book is ready to run!

Stitched Script Journal_detail
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