Spring Tidings

Spring Equinox Rose

Sun streamed through my kitchen window this morning to kiss this yellow rose on my hearth altar. This afternoon the spring equinox arrived with the new moon, aligning the solar and lunar calendars.

I’ve been faithful to a morning meditation practice for a while now. This morning, I kept returning to dualities. We live in duality, beginning with the light and dark of our days and nights.  Cold and hot, fast and slow, spring and fall, illness and wellness. Life and death. The in breath, the out breath. Giving and receiving. Yet each duality is merely half of a wholeness.

The equinox is equal measure of  light and dark, seeming to balance. Though we may think of balance as a still state, that is an illusion. Minute adjustments are steadily needed to maintain an outwardly still appearance. So though we celebrate a balance of light and dark at equinox, it is, like everything else, a tide, an ebb and flow.

Blessings of the new moon and glad tidings of spring from middle California!


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  • Sarah 03/21/2015, 6:45 am

    I love that image of engaged balance, the “minute adjustments” or an ebb and flow. By immersion in the duality, we may even transcend it.

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