Sky Stone

Sky Stone Hand

Sky stone, moon stone, silver and gold. This is what I see when I look up, touch the sky, and bring its energy down into me. It’s a prayer.

This piece of Persian turquoise has the true sky blue, with a black matrix. It came out of Iran before the 1979 revolution and is a dome shape, a technique at which Persian turquoise cutters excel, and was later set by a Navajo jeweler in the American southwest. The moonstone ring is very iridescent and a symbol of my path, and my gold wedding ring a symbol of the marriage that has been my joy and blessing for 30 years. Silver bracelets, because I am Metal Woman. And the blue, blue sky of summer.

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  • Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul 07/14/2009, 7:09 pm

    much like my own rings:) I prefer silver dedicated to the goddess. Only gold I wear is my wedding ring. I too have moonstone and my other major one is amber.

  • Never Thirst! Pat Ferraro 07/16/2009, 9:13 pm

    Thank you, my Goddess Incarnate, for loving our marriage through these wonderful years.

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