Signs of Spring

Sage Apiana sproutsMarch is here and with it will come the vernal equinox. In a sunny window I have been watching these seedlings of salvia apiana sprout since the full moon of January, which makes them about six weeks old. They are thriving on this south-facing windowsill in my special/altar/exercise/meditation room, where just beyond is my magical garden plot where in the past I have grown many wonderful flowers and herbs. These sprouts will become the sacred sage used for smudging and purifying in ceremony, creating a scent that instantly can drop me into sacred space when the dried leaves of the mature plant are lit. I first learned of this herb in American Indian ceremony; it has been adopted by many in this country who circle in earthwise ways. I love seeing these small signs of the coming warm season, and today bought some peat pots to divide them out and give each a little more growing room, and to share among friends who also would like to grow this sacred herb in their own gardens.

How are you preparing for the changing season that is approaching?

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