September Equinox

Remember Weathergram

The autumnal equinox was three days ago, but marking the turn of the wheel here in this journal had to wait while I went up on the mountain to celebrate with some of my spiritual community. It was a mellow and marvelous weekend of singing, drumming, healing, hiking and connection.

In September we have much to remember, both personal and in the wider community. Many people across the planet remember the horrific day of ten years ago. To honor that, I did what I did ten years ago, made weathergrams. Cut from brown paper, even from grocery bags, they each carry a message or a wish to the universe. They will fade in the winter weather and probably be gone in a few weeks or months, but that is their purpose. They are ephemeral tokens of emotions and intangible yearnings. This year I hung “Remember” in the evergreen tree. It will remind me to keep summer in my memory as we enter the winter months. At the equinox we are made more aware of the balance of light and dark, and how they are ever shifting in the turning of the year.

Love Weathergram

Remember Love. This is my wish for the world at this time.

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