Saving a Few Pennies

Purse Pennies

These days most everyone is feeling the pinch economically, and many of you are more aware of the environment and our effect on our world. With this in mind, I’ve made a few changes to my product line at Prose and Letters, lowering a few prices here and there. This was possible when I began to look at the packaging I was using, and just by going a little “greener” I was able to reduce prices on my bigger prints. And by offering a lower price on cards bought in lots of six, I can reduce packaging and therefore reduce prices on those as well. These prices are available for website orders only. Prints and cards that are sold in stores do need the extra protection of packaging, but those sold from my website are not handled by anyone but me as I prepare them for shipping. I hope you appreciate these lower prices and will consider purchasing my cards, prints or books for yourself or for gifts.

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