New Year Journal

soft leather cover journal
For this year’s journal I returned to one of my favorite binding styles, the longstitch. I first learned this medieval-style binding from Carol Pallesen and it makes a journal that is easy to work in, with pages that lie flat, and is fairly rugged to carry about. I love working with the soft leather and the flap closure means that I can tuck a pen inside. The weaving on the spine was a flash of inspiration, and it pleased me immeasurably to work this multi-colored yarn into the waxed linen “warp” threads that characterize this binding. I used to work with yarn and other textiles quite a bit, and still walk through a fabric store with my palm out to feel the materials.

When a journal is a pleasure to hold it is a pleasure to work in, so the pages are already filling.

It didn’t hurt that we were without internet for a couple of days. I found the pace to be more thoughtful and dare I say, creative, without the attractive nuisance of the glowing screen. Then again, that glowing screen lets me look at other people’s work, such as: a bookbinder working out of Canada at Moon Bindery who makes these kinds of journals. They look lovely and I am most impressed with the choices offered. Making my own journal is just a personal quirk of mine, but I could never make them for other people, so I am glad to have found her books for sale.

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  • moonbindery 01/19/2009, 7:38 pm

    Glad you like my books! :)Your new journal looks great–I love the weaving, and the yarn colours are so pretty.

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