Life Sum, for Heart to Heart

Life Is The Sum
The Heart to Heart calendar has lived every year by the kitchen sink where we daily do our dishes. So last night after having worked on this all day, I tucked a draft into an area above the sink and let my eyes half see it while I washed dirty plates and glasses. That’s when I decided to space out the word “decisions” more, to be a more definite line marking the arrival of the sum below it. I can see a few more places this quote could have used a bit more room, but I had run out of time, and was happy enough with the result. Calligraphers can be a little OCD, have you noticed?

I’ve been busy fulfilling projects in the studio and on the home front. It is always good to get back to the basics: black ink on white paper, design and layout, carefully making my letters, choosing to mimic a numerical sum in feel, using letters instead of numbers.

More about the Heart to Heart calendar from last year’s entry, here.

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