Let Union Be in All Our Hearts

Let Union Be

Let union be in all our hearts / Let all our hearts be joined as one / We’ll end the day as we began / We’ll end the day in pleasure / Right fa-la-ra-la-ry-tu-ra-ly-do / When we are together

When I heard these lyrics at this year’s California Revels May Day celebration, the words sang in my mind for many days afterward. Finally I realized they were expressing the connection we can all feel when celebrating life or marking the turn of the wheel. Thus was born the idea for a new greeting card, out of gathering with people, reaching hands out to each other in a circle, and singing.

“Let Union Be In All Our Hearts” is, like any folk song, of uncertain age and provenance. Its measured refrain alternates with an energetic drinking song (“Come My Lads and Let’s Be Jolly”), but it is commonly thought to have originated as a grange song in England. It is speculated that the original lyrics were “Let union be in all our farms, Let all our farms be joined as one.” I have used the lyrics from the Revels album The Wild Mountain Thyme.” The source for this version of the lyric is the English folk singer Jim Mageean. Here is a recording of the song by the Puget Sound Revelers.

The new card is available as a single and in a 10-pack. It is a sort of multi-celebration card, for birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, gratitude or any festive occasion.

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