Invitation to Brighid’s Poetry Fest

rhyming Spelling Words #3

February 2 is the sabbat known as Imbolc, Candlemas, Brighid’s Day, and Groundhog Day here in the States. In Ireland, Brighid, also called Bride in honor of her aspect as the maiden goddess, is the bringer of poetry, smithcraft, and healing. In the wheel of the year, this is actually the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, when the first stirrings can be felt underneath the snow, and the lengthening days bring the first promise of warmer times.

For poets and those who love poems, February 2 will see a webwide poetry fest. This fourth annual poetry “reading” was originated by Reya at this site (which also includes some spendid photos of Washington, DC). Here are the particulars:

A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

Anytime February 2, 2009

Select a poem you like – by a favorite poet or one of your own – to post February 2nd on your blog

If you plan to publish, you can leave a link on my post here, or check out the growing list of links at the Branches Up, Roots Down site. And so we will weave a web of poetry.

Above is a detail image from my Spelling Words book, showing a list of rhyming words I made while trying to write a spelling verse. Rhyming is not absolutely essential for poetry (think of Japanese haiku) but in English it is the oldest tradition of poetry, dating back to bards chanting story. It is the kind of poetry most like song.

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