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Letter Arts Review Cover 2008

I’ve been honored to be included in the latest Letter Arts Review, the annual juried issue for work submitted in 2008. That funky U majuscule in the center of the cover is from A Goddess Alphabet and derives from forms I’ve been studying on Old European artifacts. One of the Spelling Words books was also accepted.

There is a wonderful selection of contemporary and very international calligraphic applications and media in this issue: books, type design, ceramic, steel, slate, plywood, embossing, woodcut, encaustic, collage, watercolor, beach writing, letters as room divider, traditional and deconstructed letters; even a fascinating exhibit in Germany of gilded and colored pieces of paper hung from the ceiling of a industrial-style gallery space and the wall pieces that went along with them (would have loved to experience calligraphy like that), and several entries from the international WOR(L)Ds exhibition, a collaboration between letter carvers and letter artists that exhibited in Belgium.

All in all, this issue is a real feast of letters!

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