God Bless

Price: $29.99
Artist's edition digital print 10 x 8-inch image, on 14 x 11-inch acid-free watercolor paper

God Bless the master of this house,
with happiness beside
Where’er his body rides or walks
His God must be his guide
His God must be his guide.

God Bless the mistress of this house
With gold chain on her breast
Where’er her body sleeps or wakes,
Lord send her soul to rest,
Lord send her soul to rest.

God Bless your house, your children too,
Your cattle and your store,
The Lord increase you day by day
And send you more and more
And send you more and more.

– Sussex Mummers’ Carol

In the old days, at the winter holidays, folks would visit from one house to the next, singing a blessing like this or other wassailing songs. The cast and audience of the Christmas Revels sings this Sussex Mummers’ Carol together at the end of every winter solstice production around the U.S., before going their separate ways for another year. For more information about Revels, go to the Revels main website, which will have links to Revels show around the country.

Calligraphy and art by Cari Ferraro, 1997

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