Whisper of the Wind

Whisper of the Wind center spread


20 pages

8.75H x 7.75W x .25 inchesD

Unique manuscript book

Hand writing, painting, drawing and binding in a book completed spring 2013. Pamphlet binding with painted paper-covered boards and painted silk spine cloth. Pages of Zerkall smooth book paper. Hand calligraphy in gray gouache. Illustrative lettered landscape drawn with watercolor pencils. Gestural marks throughout gilded with 23K gold leaf. Partial title on front cover freely lettered in white acrylic with ruling pen. White rustic paper fourfold wrapper with blue leather strap, poem title hand lettered in white ink on blue paper along spine.

Poem from “The Children Sing in the Far West” by Mary Austin, 1928. In her preface to this gathering of poems from nearly forty years of writing, Mary Austin writes.  “I made most of the poems in this collection with the help of the children in my school. . . in this manner I was led into the secret of how the great Southwest feels to those who have never known any other country.” Her early career as a schoolteacher in the newly settled Owens Valley gave her a special expression for those “who wish to come into touch with the great West by the children’s road”.