Portal_Back cover detail

27 pages
13 x 10 inches, in handpainted and stitched slipcase
Unique book

This picture book tells its story in symbols of entry, blood, fertility, obstruction, healing, and rebirth. Ancient marks made in stone, metal, earth and legend include labyrinths, archways, circles, crosses, triangles, and other mysteries. Color evoke life and death, the passageway of loss and return: white for bones and mourning; black for the darkness of womb and tomb; red for blood and life. Across time and cultures, symbols like these have been incised or painted on cave walls, stamped on coins, carved into the earth. These marks were gathered from Newgrange in Ireland, Knossos in Crete, Old Europe, New Mexico and India.

Two sections sewn as one, with center pop-up page. Arches Text Wove paper, acrylic paint, wheat paste, ink, rubberstamps, pochoir, stitching.