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Womb Time Moon Time

Womb Time Moon Time 13 moon 200pxCalligraphic painted manuscript book

13 pages

9 x 6 x .25 inches


The pages are painted white for the moon, blue for the sea and the night sky, ochre for the earth and red for the body. Images of moon, birth control pills, uterus and ancient carving of women’s menstrual mysteries tell the story of lunar time, which was the first context in which humans understood time. The book unfolds as a triptych to reveal the form of the ancient carved Goddess of Laussel, 30,000 years old. The book’s structure echoes the triptych form of medieval holy icons, the three-page spread standing the book up to reveal its central image of divinity and ancient mystery.

The French doors binding allows the book to open from two spines, with alternating pages which may be reassembled in different ways. Lettered in acrylic in a loose humanist bookhand, over images painted in casein on Arches hot press watercolor paper. Other imagery made with pochoir and texturing techniques.

For more about how I decided to create this book, subsequently hid it away, and then rediscovered it to use in a personal ritual of healing, I wrote this post. And here is when I gave a first peek at this book when I had just completed it, before I hid it away.

Artist’s collection.