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A Goddess Alphabet

A Goddess Alphabet green goddess 200px2007

28 pages

4.75 H x 4 W x .5 D inches

Unique book, two variants.

Accordion book, sewn through bottom fold with pamphlet stitch to painted trifold wrapper lettered with the title on the two opening pages. Inner wrapper sewn to a stiffer paper through left spine of the green suede leather outer cover, and through both spines to the red suede outer cover. Visible stitching with the center stitch makes an M or W. Gold deerskin tie; green cover also has metal button backed with contrasting square, for wraparound closure. Pages are paste painted on both sides. The alphabet is lettered on both sides of the accordion, A-Z, with a folded ruling pen in iridescent and black acrylic inks. Each page is a calligrapher’s interpretation of the modern Roman alphabet letter in the style of symbolic incised marks from ancient archeological finds from Old Europe; many forms of each letter are layered over each other in different colors, suggesting the layers of time and the genesis and evolution of marks.

A Goddess Alphabet (red): private collection.
A Goddess Alphabet (green): artist’s collection.

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