Equinox Seeds


As I began writing this post for the spring equinox, in keeping with my promise to honor here every turn of the wheel of the year, I was thinking of seeds. I went to sleep last night considering the story of Persephone returning from the underworld, having eaten the pomegranate seeds, leaving behind her role as queen in the underworld to resume her role as daughter in this world. I hadn’t got much farther than that except to think hmmmm …. seeds, for seeds I need a little bit of dirt.

This morning I arose before the sun, my mind full of the many things that I must do before I journey this week to the north, to retreat with the women. So I must post early for equinox, I thought, and I must prepare my altar now. So I pulled together my few little things, including the painting I made a couple of years ago of this beautiful song, which I wrote about here, and then I opened the web which informs me and connect me to so many of you, and discovered once again the riches of virtual community. Starhawk was one of my first teachers, through her books and through her actions in the world. I am so very pleased to share her spring equinox event here, and must do it in a timely manner, for it is happening this afternoon. Since I probably won’t be able to attend in real time she has made it possible for us to participate when we do have time, by a recording of the ritual. I have signed up and if you feel so called you can do so here, or follow the event from her website. It appears that the link will be live until April 21, so if you read this later than today and wish to still receive the recording it seems that it will still be available at a later date.

I recently came across this note I made of a lovely lyric by Marie Summerwood, who has written about spring here. Here is my humble lettering of it in my journal from many years ago. It has appeared on this blog once before. I’ve referred to this online journal many times, to see how I celebrated in years past; its advantage over my beloved handmade journals is that it is searchable. This year, my tenth for these Wheel of the Year posts, I have been going back and adding tags for each sabbat, to make them easier to find for myself and any of you, which is how I discovered I have shared this before. But the words are good and so I’ll share it again. We are all about recycling around here.

Equinox_Spring Journal Page.jpg

And lastly, I’ll plant one more seed, of a song that I’ve loved for years. If I have to have a song on loop in my busy mind, I’ll take this one. Chrissie Hynde of the The Pretenders recorded Hymn to Her in 1985. How lovely to think I might have heard this in the early days of MTV, when I had just stepped into my role as a mother and was perhaps nursing my baby as I listened to this and began learning about the Great Mother who was and is with me always.

These are my seeds for you. Equinox blessings! And may you find balance in all you do as you move through the year and these times.

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  • Bee Smith 03/19/2018, 2:37 am

    Happy Equilux! Happy Retreat! Happy Women at Aldermarsh at this point of equality in the turn of the wheel.

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