Equinox Dark and Light

Ostara Journal

Looking backward, looking ahead, at the vernal equinox. Dark and light in equilibrium, with the flourishing half of the year now on the increase.

Book of Hours Use of Paris Flouished Batarde

Flourishes copied from a Book of Hours page, France, 1475-1499, use of Paris; feminine form of prayer. In the collection of University of California at Berkeley, Bancroft Library, BANC MS UCB 029.

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  • Michele 03/22/2012, 5:35 pm

    Love the Ostara pages — times of change, borders…You might enjoy this article from the New York Times last week — I love the analogy between illuminated pages and webpages, and of course the hands-on experience of creating something beautiful you can hold in your hands. The project is sponsored by the Morgan Library (drooooool).

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