Blessed Ostara


Last night we three gathered for family sabbat. A sweet and small circle, a chance to sit down with each other every six weeks or so and speak from our hearts of our sorrows, our doubts, our delights, our joys. This is a hearth-based practice and as much as I love to gather with the women in circle, there is nothing nicer than to share these turns of the wheel with my own family. It’s a simple thing, really; it’s just about love.

I found a wonderful poem for Spring Equinox that I lettered into my journal, using pen and colors I am currently using upstairs in the studio:

Onward we go round the spiral
Touching darkness, touching light
Twice each turn we rest in balance
Make choices on this night
Make choices on this night
-Marie Summerwood

And another rhyme for the season:

Seed of what I wish to be:
Grow and bud and bloom in me.

We invited balance into our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our spirits, our lives, our relationships and our world. This is not as easy as it sounds, to speak to each of these parts of ourselves and say aloud what we wish for. Yet seeds were planted in our souls as we invited balance to accompany us on our journey.

May it be so for you.

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    Hi Cari

    Your Journals and writing is so beautiful. You have inspired to begin a journal

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