Beltane Blessings

The Horn Dance

A happy, frolicsome and joyful Beltane to all this fine May morning!

Horn Dancers 2013

This photo is from last year’s horn dance in the predawn darkness. The local Morris dancers do a fine job of dancing up the sun every year, beginning with this solemn ritual. My art above was inspired by these dancers. Though circumstances this year prevented me from attending the festivities, my young ones were there carrying on the tradition. My heart was with them!

I wish you all, both great and small, a fine and festive May Day!

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  • Valerianna Claff 05/01/2014, 4:22 pm

    Beautiful painting!! And I particularly love the horn dance. Happy Beltane to you!

  • Liz Casey 05/03/2018, 8:54 am

    That painting is exquisite, Cari.

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