Life Springs Forth

by Cari on 03/20/2017

in Wheel of the Year

The mother pleads Stay chaste But chased the girl will be by the course of her own bright blood And dark desire leads her away A flowery meadow, a walled garden are but a moment For soon she is caught in the net of time Lured by the offered fruits apple, pomegranate the proferred crown, [...]


Come in, Bride!

by Cari on 02/01/2017

in Wheel of the Year,Writing

Brigid Eve Quickly now. Sweep the hearth. Dress the altar with daffodils and flowering quince from the wild verges. Add small things. A blue pitcher of holy Glastonbury water, a jar of poppy seeds, a quill for me, and a crystal inkwell. Grandmother’s anvil, and from my daughter a tiny twin of the Newgrange spiral [...]


Soul Tending

by Cari on 11/13/2016

in Writing

This week, I have had few words. I have felt such a deep sense of despair it borders on catatonia. I am tending to my soul, and doing all the right things to begin to heal the shock and disillusionment that have threatened to sink me, and so many of us. My time-tested way to [...]