Summer Sashays By

by Cari on 08/02/2013

in Wheel of the Year

The harvest comes in bountifully everywhere I look, and by the chill in the morning air and the patch of light on a certain wall, I know the Wheel turns again. It took me longer to “get” this turn at the beginning of August than some of the others. Everyone is so busy and life [...]


Dragonfly Visit

by Cari on 07/18/2013

in Earthwise

As I step away from busy days in the studio, I often go outside to recharge in the garden or by the creek. Today I stayed close to the house to monitor a sprinkler and practice my daily qigong by the pear tree we planted for my father’s memory. The slowness of these movements brought [...]


Meadowsweet Magic

by Cari on 07/03/2013

in Earthwise

My ancestral English heart is so delighted with the appearance of two blooms on my small meadowsweet plant. I have been nursing this plant along for years, in a couple of different locations. I grew it originally from seed, so am sure it’s the English meadowsweet, filipendula ulmaria. Every summer I try to keep its [...]


Calligraphy was the reason I visited the Pacific Northwest in late March, to teach a workshop about the intricacies of medieval writing. At the same time, I was amazed by the exhilarating views of Nature’s lines and shapes in this very beautiful part of Washington state. Sequim is nestled at the top of the Olympic [...]


Turtle Mother

by Cari on 06/15/2011

in Earthwise

I love when my camera lets me see, with its zoom lens, what I can’t quite see without the magnification. Above is a turtle that has been basking on logs in my backyard river, Coyote Creek. I have seen several of these, but this one is often with her baby, which I was able to [...]


Great Blue Heron Sighting

by Cari on 05/23/2011

in Earthwise

Yesterday I was blessed by the sight of a great blue heron who flew overhead while I was outside practicing qigong by the creek. I have waited for a long time to see one. I have seen many of the smaller white egrets in my backyard creek environment, but until now I had never see [...]



by Cari on 06/12/2010

in Book Art

Threshold. An invitation to pass through a gateway, perhaps to a new way of life, perhaps to begin a voyage, or from the known to the unknown. For me, this image represents the completion of a yearlong spiritual journey which concludes with this dark moon, and the beginning of another one, commencing with the new [...]


The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

by Cari on 09/01/2009

in Calligraphy

The reindeer antlers of the Abbots Bromley horn dance, shown in silhouette against the sunrise, are believed to be about 900 years old. To see the horn dancers emerge from darkness to weave the dance and quietly knock the horns together never fails to enchant audiences with the sheer mystery and antiquity of the dance. [...]


Mother of Wild Nature

by Cari on 06/08/2009

in Herstory

This image has strange and powerful magic. In honor of the full moon, today I honor Diana of Ephesus, a powerful goddess of classical times whose roots are very ancient, and who later, thanks to Leland’s Aradia, has come down through history to us as Queen of the Witches. Her many breasts, the lions climbing [...]


View of a Labyrinth

by Cari on 10/01/2008

in Earthwise

Here is a view from my backyard deck taken a couple of weeks ago. It’s a different kind of creation with line than my usual calligraphic ones in ink. I made this labyrinth on September 11 for several reasons: in memory of those who died on that date; to ground my anxiety while a dear [...]

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