This year’s journal has arrived in summer, now opposite from the beginning of the calendar year. But since I observe time in a circular way, any day on the wheel of the year is the first day of the year that will follow. As usual I begin working on the pages long before they are [...]

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Summer seems to touch on a time out of time, when we cease our striving and doing, for a few moments, and simply be. My to-do list is slowly becoming my to-be list. Like the sun in the sky, I too seem to stand still. At midsummer I feel a sort of threshold: looking back, [...]

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Superstition 13 Exhibit at SFCB

by Cari on 10/18/2013

in Book Art

“Superstition 13, Book Arts from the Shadow World,” is a juried show devoted to the occult and magical, currently on display at the San Francisco Center for the Book. It is indeed full of mystery, not least because the books are behind glass. We can see only a page spread and that just whets the [...]


Magic at the Revels

by Cari on 12/13/2011

in Wheel of the Year

Magic is woven throughout the entire experience of Revels, but this year it manifested in the mythic form of Merlin, for California Revels visits the court of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the great hall at Camelot. Merlin (as performed by Kim Silverman) enchanted on the stage, and after the show, in the lobby, [...]


Pagan Prayer Books

by Cari on 11/10/2009

in Book Art

I have been thinking about prayer books, books of devotion. Pagans really don’t have a set of scriptures that we follow, though we often read widely and are deeply interested in various spiritual paths. For as long as I have been making books, I have been doing so with the idea that perhaps they might [...]