Once again, I have gone to the Revels well, and been filled with light, song, myth and magic. As always, the show was pure enchantment, offering the singing and storytelling that are deep in the bedrock of Wales, this year’s honored culture. The days are dark indeed this year, leading up to Yule and the [...]


A Bevy of Yule cards

by Cari on 12/05/2016

in Calligraphy

A wise friend once suggested that a nice way to fill the well when feeling sidelined was to look at past work. And it’s customary toward the end of the year, and on one’s birthday, our personal year, to “take stock” and look back on the triumphs and trials of the past year. The trials, tedious [...]


Full Moon at Summer’s End

by Cari on 08/29/2015

in Earthwise

Praise to the moon, bright queen of the skies, Jewel of the black night, the light of our eyes, Brighter than starlight, whiter than snow, Look down on us in the darkness below. If well you should find us then well let us stay, Be it seven times better when you make your way, Be [...]


An American Folk Revels

by Cari on 12/17/2014

in Wheel of the Year

“Crossroads: An American Journey” is perhaps the most profoundly emotional of all the California Revels shows I’ve seen at the Scottish Rite Theater in twenty-two years. I expect it is because this year the Revels comes home, and presents an American folk Revels that rings deep in our hearts. It is full of songs we [...]


Let Union Be in All Our Hearts

by Cari on 10/16/2014

in Calligraphy

Let union be in all our hearts / Let all our hearts be joined as one / We’ll end the day as we began / We’ll end the day in pleasure / Right fa-la-ra-la-ry-tu-ra-ly-do / When we are together When I heard these lyrics at this year’s California Revels May Day celebration, the words sang [...]


Over the years, I have seen such pageantry, puppetry, antics and spectacle  as any Yule fool could possibly want. This year’s Revels, though, touched my heartstrings and played them more deeply than I expected. The story in this year’s show is, in a way, the story of Revels itself: bringing the past alive so that [...]


A Celestial Revels

by Cari on 12/12/2012

in Wheel of the Year

Sunday evening I had the communal pleasure of being enveloped in the magic that is a Revels performance. This has come to be the crowning activity of the holiday season for our family, always much anticipated. The Revels are tradition bearers who bring the past to life to cast a light in the joyful present. [...]


The Spacious Firmament

by Cari on 09/22/2012

in Wheel of the Year

As we enter into the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere, the night sky takes on extra luminosity and mystery. The vast cosmos whirls overhead as we contemplate our small place in the great universe. Here at the autumn equinox, we contemplate the balance of light and dark, in the length of [...]


Magic at the Revels

by Cari on 12/13/2011

in Wheel of the Year

Magic is woven throughout the entire experience of Revels, but this year it manifested in the mythic form of Merlin, for California Revels visits the court of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the great hall at Camelot. Merlin (as performed by Kim Silverman) enchanted on the stage, and after the show, in the lobby, [...]


Tending the Storefront

by Cari on 08/10/2011

in Calligraphy

In the right column of this journal you may have noticed a link for “Storefront” which takes you to my website, Prose and Letters. This has been my calligraphy and design business for thirty years, from the days of being a jobbing calligrapher with two school-age kids at home, to eventually producing a line of [...]