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My best book news for 2010 is that my limited edition handmade book The First Writing was accepted into the permanent collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. I visited the museum in June to meet with the curator, and the book was formally accepted by the museum acquisitions [...]


Catechism for a Witch’s Child by J.L. Stanley When they ask to see your gods your book of prayers show them lines drawn delicately with veins on the underside of a bird’s wing tell them you believe in giant sycamores mottled and stark against a winter sky and in nights so frozen stars crack open [...]


Mother the Earth

by Cari on 01/05/2010

in Writing

For the New Year of 2010 I promised myself a day “out of time” to play at a Soul Collage-type afternoon offered by my book group, Bay Area Book Artists. I have done collage before and find it a wonderful medium for opening the eyes to layouts and forms, but have not ever attempted the [...]


The Iranian Mother Goddess

by Cari on 06/30/2009

in Herstory

This terracotta figure and many others like her were found in southwest Iran, in the ruins of Susa, the great city of ancient Elam. She is about 4000 years old. Because of our modern ideals of feminine beauty, some people will look at this image and see her as fat. I see her body shape [...]


Glad Midsummer!

by Cari on 06/21/2009

in Wheel of the Year

This dancing goddess from 3300 years ago is probably the ancient Greek goddess Demeter, or, as the Romans renamed her, Ceres, the source of our word cereal. She is from Ugarit, ancient Phoenecia, ancestral Canaan. She is the goddess of the grain and was believed to have given the gift of agriculture to us. She [...]


Writing Magic on the Body

by Cari on 06/19/2009

in Herstory

My calligraphy kindred are preparing to travel and gather at Saint John’s University in Minnesota for the annual summer calligraphy conference next week. For them and all of us writers, I offer this Script Goddess, the Nursing Mother of Rast, from the Old European Vinca culture in western Romania. She is at least 7000 years [...]

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Posture as Body Prayer

by Cari on 06/17/2009

in Herstory

Morning on the deck, by the creek. My straight eucalyptus tree inspires my straight spine and lifts my face to the sky. The air is full of birdsong and activity. The silk oak tree shines its amber blossoms. The sun clears the house roof and touches my cane with a flash of light, a bit [...]

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She is Not Submissive

by Cari on 06/16/2009

in Herstory

This proud female is called “Goddess: Terra cottta, Phoenician, c. 2500 B.C.” in The Great Mother. This puts her at least a thousand years previous to the writing of the oldest Hebrew testaments, but in the same geographical area, ancient Canaan. Her posture is not submissive, and her emphasized pubic triangle and other markings identify [...]

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Grounded Goddess of Joy

by Cari on 06/14/2009

in Herstory

I don’t know anything about this goddess except that she is listed as such in Erich Neumann’s The Great Mother, that she is made of clay, and that she is from ancient Crete. I just love her. Her wide-eyed loving smile, her hair like two giant leaves on either side of her face, a necklace [...]


Poppy Goddess

by Cari on 06/11/2009

in Herstory

This goddess or priestess figure is from ancient Crete. The Minoan civilization which produced it has such a wealth of goddess imagery I hardly know where to begin, but this one comes to me in meditation. She was made from clay about 2300 years ago. She holds her hands up to receive and bestow wisdom. [...]