All Hallows Eve

by Cari on 10/31/2016

in Wheel of the Year,Writing

Hallows Dear ones Your mute voices clamor in my ear Thin fingers pluck at my hem Your dry tears clot my throat I bear your unquiet loss. I light the candles I call the directions I bring the flowers I keep the faith, the waste, the plaint I give the breath, the blood, the bone [...]


Summer seems to touch on a time out of time, when we cease our striving and doing, for a few moments, and simply be. My to-do list is slowly becoming my to-be list. Like the sun in the sky, I too seem to stand still. At midsummer I feel a sort of threshold: looking back, [...]

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Full Moon at Summer’s End

by Cari on 08/29/2015

in Earthwise

Praise to the moon, bright queen of the skies, Jewel of the black night, the light of our eyes, Brighter than starlight, whiter than snow, Look down on us in the darkness below. If well you should find us then well let us stay, Be it seven times better when you make your way, Be [...]


Midsummer Magic

by Cari on 06/20/2015

in Wheel of the Year

Since today is Midsummer’s Eve, and fairies and their ilk are very likely abroad, I’m revisiting an older piece of mine. I’ve been preparing for a rather large commission calling for text with traditional illumination and decoration, and so I pulled out some files of old projects. Then I espied the working papers for “Midsummer” [...]


Swelling Summer Moon

by Cari on 08/06/2014

in Earthwise

The long indigo evenings of summer bring lingering moon views. This gibbous August moon reveals her details while the sky is still light enough for the camera to capture light and shadow invisible to the eye alone. Swelling summer moon, full of light, and growing. Friend of night travelers, lighting the way, brighter than starlight, [...]

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Full Moon Auguring

by Cari on 01/16/2014

in Earthwise

January’s full moon was just setting in the predawn light this morning. Even before morning tea, for this happens quickly, I nabbed my camera and was outside to capture this brilliance still hanging in the sky. I behaved in the same lunatic way last night upon seeing the moonrise. Sometimes it seems the best way [...]


The New Year’s New Moon

by Cari on 01/03/2014

in Earthwise

A new moon on new year’s day! I can’t remember such synchronicity but then, I haven’t always followed the moon as closely as I do now. The merging of these two calendars, the lunar and the solar, seems auspicious. Beginning the year in complete lunar darkness creates an especially good time for the long view, [...]


Hecate’s Moon

by Cari on 09/03/2013

in Herstory

The reward for the early riser, the barest sliver of the waning moon, rising just before the sun in the east. The day after tomorrow it will be invisible as it enters its dark phase and then begins to wax again, as the mirror image of this sliver, but facing the opposite way, and setting [...]

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Two New Bookworks of the West

by Cari on 05/09/2013

in Book Art

I’ve added two galleries to my website showing new artwork. These books take as inspiration poems by Mary Austin, a writer of the West from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She wrote famously and lyrically of the American West and especially the desert, first of the eastern Sierra in California, and later of northern [...]


This past autumn, I had the honor of being asked, by one of my long ago wedding clients, to create a new piece of art to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I was asked to make it the same size as the original one, follow roughly the same layout with an arch of lettering at [...]