Midsummer Magic

by Cari on 06/20/2015

in Wheel of the Year

Since today is Midsummer’s Eve, and fairies and their ilk are very likely abroad, I’m revisiting an older piece of mine. I’ve been preparing for a rather large commission calling for text with traditional illumination and decoration, and so I pulled out some files of old projects. Then I espied the working papers for “Midsummer” [...]


Dragonfly Visit

by Cari on 07/18/2013

in Earthwise

As I step away from busy days in the studio, I often go outside to recharge in the garden or by the creek. Today I stayed close to the house to monitor a sprinkler and practice my daily qigong by the pear tree we planted for my father’s memory. The slowness of these movements brought [...]


Meadowsweet Magic

by Cari on 07/03/2013

in Earthwise

My ancestral English heart is so delighted with the appearance of two blooms on my small meadowsweet plant. I have been nursing this plant along for years, in a couple of different locations. I grew it originally from seed, so am sure it’s the English meadowsweet, filipendula ulmaria. Every summer I try to keep its [...]


TITANIA: Out of this wood do not desire to go; Thou shalt remain here whether thou wilt or no. I am a spirit of no common rate; The summer still doth tend upon my state; And I do love thee; therefore, go with me. I’ll give thee fairies to attend on thee; And they shall [...]


Two New Bookworks of the West

by Cari on 05/09/2013

in Book Art

I’ve added two galleries to my website showing new artwork. These books take as inspiration poems by Mary Austin, a writer of the West from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She wrote famously and lyrically of the American West and especially the desert, first of the eastern Sierra in California, and later of northern [...]


Discoveries at the Codex Book Fair

by Cari on 02/28/2013

in Book Art

If one book is a world in itself, then book upon book upon book offers so many avenues of discovery that it can be almost paralyzing if it wasn’t so exciting. This year I had only three hours at the Codex International Book Fair in mid-February. Rather than agonize over everything I wasn’t able to [...]


Magic at the Revels

by Cari on 12/13/2011

in Wheel of the Year

Magic is woven throughout the entire experience of Revels, but this year it manifested in the mythic form of Merlin, for California Revels visits the court of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the great hall at Camelot. Merlin (as performed by Kim Silverman) enchanted on the stage, and after the show, in the lobby, [...]


I was a teenager when I first read Leaves of Grass, probably when I was also discovering Thoreau and the transcendentalists in a high school English class. “Song of Myself” captured my attention as it has for so many others, with a voice distinctly pure and joyous. That’s Walt Whitman, and he tapped into the [...]


Tending the Storefront

by Cari on 08/10/2011

in Calligraphy

In the right column of this journal you may have noticed a link for “Storefront” which takes you to my website, Prose and Letters. This has been my calligraphy and design business for thirty years, from the days of being a jobbing calligrapher with two school-age kids at home, to eventually producing a line of [...]


Alma Mater

by Cari on 02/12/2011

in Herstory

This could be titled Portrait of the Artist as a Grownup Woman. Yesterday I visited my alma mater, which comes from the Latin and literally means “nourishing mother.” The ancient Romans used the term to refer to the goddesses Ceres and Cybele who protected their city. We use it today without fully realizing the original [...]

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