It is easy to forget that kindness can help to ease difference of opinion and lessen hatred. In these days of political discord at best and outright terror at worst, I can’t pretend that a little calligraphy will do anything to change that. Sometimes all we can do is try to add a little beauty [...]


The labyrinth with the heart at its center was the site and stage for a deeply personal family saga this year. At the winter solstice, our son married his beloved in the heart of this labyrinth. They joined paths by walking to the center and exchanged vows while poised on the heart. My part in [...]


A labyrinth is like a year. There is only one path in, and the same path out. That is the path you are on. You can’t get lost. You know the center will always be at the beginning or ending of the path. But even though the path is the same, it is never the [...]


Bringing Back an Old Friend

by Cari on 05/21/2014

in Calligraphy

Last week I had my fellows bring out an old friend from deep storage and set it up in the back corner of the dining room. This drafting table for many years was my primary work surface. Several years ago, I switched it out for a wooden drawing table in the studio that is more [...]


The Light of the New Year

by Cari on 03/20/2014

in Wheel of the Year

Today is celebrated as the New Year by two circles of friends. My Mexica neighbors dance in splendid feathered regalia, to bring in Ome Tochtli, “Two Rabbit Year” on the Aztec calendar. And my Persian friends are celebrating Nowruz, which means “New Day.”  These are very old observances indeed; and being on the solar calendar’s [...]


Marking Brigid’s Day

by Cari on 02/01/2014

in Wheel of the Year

A Brigid’s Cross, a sunwheel made of ink, to begin a new journal. Turning the page, the foundational darkness can be seen as a ghost image under the fresh new growth of flowering branches. Days have grown longer since Yule, and still underground or just emergent in the lengthening sun, the green soul of life [...]


The New Year’s New Moon

by Cari on 01/03/2014

in Earthwise

A new moon on new year’s day! I can’t remember such synchronicity but then, I haven’t always followed the moon as closely as I do now. The merging of these two calendars, the lunar and the solar, seems auspicious. Beginning the year in complete lunar darkness creates an especially good time for the long view, [...]


Two New Bookworks of the West

by Cari on 05/09/2013

in Book Art

I’ve added two galleries to my website showing new artwork. These books take as inspiration poems by Mary Austin, a writer of the West from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She wrote famously and lyrically of the American West and especially the desert, first of the eastern Sierra in California, and later of northern [...]


Representing an Earthwise Path

by Cari on 10/10/2012

in Calligraphy

I am so honored and pleased to again have my artwork appear on the cover of Presence, the journal of Spiritual Directors International. This quarterly magazine uses a very pleasing color scheme and subtle layout effect that attractively complement this piece. The Earth is Happy was a very early paste paper painting made in 2001, [...]


Summertime Paste Papers

by Cari on 08/16/2012

in Book Art

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are when I usually find a chance to puddle around in the studio, painting papers for later use in bookworks and whatnot. The hot dry summer heat is very conducive to this activity, allowing me to work in layers, adding letters, paste and inks to the paper and [...]