I am so excited to share news of a luscious new publication celebrating the work of one of my very favorite people, Alice. I wrote about Alice’s effect on my career a few years ago. So of course I am delighted that her fifty-plus years of unflagging excellence in the production of freelance calligraphy is being [...]


Calligraphy is “slow writing.” As the art of simple handwriting becomes more rare, learning to write slowly and beautifully is a meditative and rewarding practice. This spring I’ve been teaching a class designed to demystify the tools and materials of my trade. If you have ever wondered what to do with that calligraphy pen with the [...]


I had a wonderful infusion of book art love over Valentine week. First, a brief but fertile visit to the Codex Book Fair. No pictures: too busy looking, absorbing, visiting. Then a few days later, a workshop about strip bindings with Claire Van Vliet at San Francisco Center for the Book. Again, no pictures: too [...]


Lured by the siren call of gold, I was delighted to spend a weekend last November with Pacific Scribes, studying “Gilding ABCs” with Judy Detrick, an artist whose immaculate work and clear devotion to historical sources I have long admired. Manuscript gilding, the laying of gold leaf on vellum or paper, requires special consideration and [...]


Discoveries at the Codex Book Fair

by Cari on 02/28/2013

in Book Art

If one book is a world in itself, then book upon book upon book offers so many avenues of discovery that it can be almost paralyzing if it wasn’t so exciting. This year I had only three hours at the Codex International Book Fair in mid-February. Rather than agonize over everything I wasn’t able to [...]


Today we honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In a nice stroke of synchronicity we also honor the inauguration of President Barack Obama to his second term of office, so many of us feeling pride in the first man with African-American heritage to be elected president of the United States. We are [...]


Calligraphy was the reason I visited the Pacific Northwest in late March, to teach a workshop about the intricacies of medieval writing. At the same time, I was amazed by the exhilarating views of Nature’s lines and shapes in this very beautiful part of Washington state. Sequim is nestled at the top of the Olympic [...]


Many of us have arrived at crossroads in our lives, perhaps unrecognized at the time, but clear as crystal when looking back, and if lucky, attended by a teacher or mentor who gave our sails a good gust and guided our way onward. I had such a teacher in 1994 when I met Alice. That [...]