Midsummer Magic

by Cari on 06/20/2015

in Wheel of the Year

Since today is Midsummer’s Eve, and fairies and their ilk are very likely abroad, I’m revisiting an older piece of mine. I’ve been preparing for a rather large commission calling for text with traditional illumination and decoration, and so I pulled out some files of old projects. Then I espied the working papers for “Midsummer” [...]


To the Waters and the Wild

by Cari on 01/28/2015

in Earthwise

I have been away. Turning inward after the holiday rush, slowing the pace, seeking silence to hear myself think. During a cold spell in early January, a flash of inspiration led me to look up northern California hot springs. Taking my chronically cold tootsies into very warm water is earthly paradise for me, so this [...]


Pilgrimage Song in Denver Exhibit

by Cari on 04/22/2014

in Book Art

I’m so pleased that my book Pilgrimage Song has gone a-traveling to Denver and is presently showing in Abecedarian Gallery‘s juried exhibit Artists’ Book Cornucopia V. The entire exhibit is viewable online here. The show, an eclectic sampling of contemporary handmade books, runs through June 7. My book is structured to evoke the pueblo’s central [...]


A wondrous and happy solstice to all! This card is an exploration of the old favorite carol, and what its roots might have been. Those compelling images of the royal trees of the forest, the rising sun, the deer running . . . I love a good merry organ and sweet singing in the choir, [...]


The Magic of Hand Bookbinding

by Cari on 08/29/2013

in Book Art

This visual wonder of a forestscape at ground level invites the observer to sink to her knees (if that is possible) to begin exploring the intricacies of this wonderful illustration. Who would not be drawn to this vision of pure wildness on the sixth floor of a library in the middle of San Francisco? The [...]


The Dawn, for Heart to Heart

by Cari on 08/08/2013

in Calligraphy

This summer’s labor for the Heart to Heart calendar has found its final form and been submitted to this worthy project. I always like working on these, for it is good to reconnect with the simplest principles of my craft. My aim is to convey the feeling of the words without any additional bells and [...]


Summer Sashays By

by Cari on 08/02/2013

in Wheel of the Year

The harvest comes in bountifully everywhere I look, and by the chill in the morning air and the patch of light on a certain wall, I know the Wheel turns again. It took me longer to “get” this turn at the beginning of August than some of the others. Everyone is so busy and life [...]


Two New Bookworks of the West

by Cari on 05/09/2013

in Book Art

I’ve added two galleries to my website showing new artwork. These books take as inspiration poems by Mary Austin, a writer of the West from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She wrote famously and lyrically of the American West and especially the desert, first of the eastern Sierra in California, and later of northern [...]


Mother Mary, Our Lady of Peace

by Cari on 03/13/2013

in Herstory

Today is an important day for Catholics, and although I am not Catholic, I do realize that the new Pope is nevertheless a world leader. Having grown up as a Protestant, I never really heard much about Mary in Sunday school. Perhaps that is why I have grown to love images, statues and churches devoted [...]


Calligraphy was the reason I visited the Pacific Northwest in late March, to teach a workshop about the intricacies of medieval writing. At the same time, I was amazed by the exhilarating views of Nature’s lines and shapes in this very beautiful part of Washington state. Sequim is nestled at the top of the Olympic [...]