Life Springs Forth

by Cari on 03/20/2017

in Wheel of the Year

The mother pleads Stay chaste But chased the girl will be by the course of her own bright blood And dark desire leads her away A flowery meadow, a walled garden are but a moment For soon she is caught in the net of time Lured by the offered fruits apple, pomegranate the proferred crown, [...]


Come in, Bride!

by Cari on 02/01/2017

in Wheel of the Year,Writing

Brigid Eve Quickly now. Sweep the hearth. Dress the altar with daffodils and flowering quince from the wild verges. Add small things. A blue pitcher of holy Glastonbury water, a jar of poppy seeds, a quill for me, and a crystal inkwell. Grandmother’s anvil, and from my daughter a tiny twin of the Newgrange spiral [...]


Holy Water at Brigidtide

by Cari on 01/30/2017

in Writing

She Rises I have news for you: The creek swells, ducks dive, the dry time has gone. Trees tremble in winter storms, deep green the land; Shadows long, sweet the sun, warmth wanted. The hawk sings in a sapphire sky. On the ground, souls quicken, breathe clouds. This is my news. As we move into [...]


Once again, I have gone to the Revels well, and been filled with light, song, myth and magic. As always, the show was pure enchantment, offering the singing and storytelling that are deep in the bedrock of Wales, this year’s honored culture. The days are dark indeed this year, leading up to Yule and the [...]


The Quickening Year

by Cari on 02/01/2016

in Wheel of the Year

I love the word “quickening.” It is a very old word, found in medieval Anglo-Saxon herbals, and still used today. It usually means when a pregnant woman feels the child move inside her for the first time. It is also a nice metaphor for this time of year.¬†At Imbolc, winter begins to rouse from its [...]


Come to me body of grain Come to me soul of light Come to me rest your head I will give you life – Demeter and We in my own lettering At the autumn equinox this year my thoughts turn not to equanimity but to darkness. At this time of the year, Demeter, the great [...]


At this turn of the Wheel of the Year, we celebrate the first harvest of many to come. It is a subtle turn, here in high summer in middle California. Yet autumn is perceptibly in the air, in the shortening days and the stray coolness in the evenings. Everything is dry, dry, and seedheads are [...]


The earliest spring is here. Brigidtide, St. Brighid’s Day, Imbolc, Candlemas, Candlelaria, Groundhog Day (weather auguring), all names for the youngest springtime. In a nice correspondence, I find that this is also the time of year for the Hindu festival Vasant Panchami, celebrating the goddess Sarasvati and the beginning of spring. And the Yoruban festival [...]

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Marking Brigid’s Day

by Cari on 02/01/2014

in Wheel of the Year

A Brigid’s Cross, a sunwheel made of ink, to begin a new journal. Turning the page, the foundational darkness can be seen as a ghost image under the fresh new growth of flowering branches. Days have grown longer since Yule, and still underground or just emergent in the lengthening sun, the green soul of life [...]


I have been making manuscript books in earnest for about ten years now. Over the years I made a few small books in calligraphy workshops, but my genesis as a book artist sprang from making The Charge of the Goddess in 2003. I wanted to make a pagan prayer book, and this was the closest [...]