Once again, I have visited and emerged brimming with ideas from the Codex Book Fair. This year I braved the concrete floor and many hours on my feet to see my newest creation, Morning Prayer/Evening Prayer, on display at the Vamp and Tramp table. What a pleasure it is for me to be represented at this show! Though [...]


As a saver of every pretty scrap created in the making of things, whether paper or fabric, I love being able to use them in the creation of something new. So to create a book for an exhibit, I gladly revisited the strip binding method I learned last February from Claire Van Vliet. Among other [...]


I am so very pleased that my gilded Spelling Words book is currently on exhibit in 23 Sandy Gallery’s show “Sacred|Profane”  in Portland, Oregon. From juror Jim Carmin’s statement: “In the beginning books were saturated in the divine. The words they contained brought forth the word of God and in early times few objects could [...]

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A Page from the Past

by Cari on 06/19/2014

in Calligraphy

Here is a little flash from the past. In 1993, I put together an exhibit of books made by members of my calligraphy guild, Pacific Scribes, and included a selection of historical manuscript pages. I wanted to show the unbroken line between current scribes and those from long ago. I also included some “tools of [...]

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Pilgrimage Song in Denver Exhibit

by Cari on 04/22/2014

in Book Art

I’m so pleased that my book Pilgrimage Song has gone a-traveling to Denver and is presently showing in Abecedarian Gallery‘s juried exhibit Artists’ Book Cornucopia V. The entire exhibit is viewable online here. The show, an eclectic sampling of contemporary handmade books, runs through June 7. My book is structured to evoke the pueblo’s central [...]


Superstition 13 Exhibit at SFCB

by Cari on 10/18/2013

in Book Art

“Superstition 13, Book Arts from the Shadow World,” is a juried show devoted to the occult and magical, currently on display at the San Francisco Center for the Book. It is indeed full of mystery, not least because the books are behind glass. We can see only a page spread and that just whets the [...]


The Magic of Hand Bookbinding

by Cari on 08/29/2013

in Book Art

This visual wonder of a forestscape at ground level invites the observer to sink to her knees (if that is possible) to begin exploring the intricacies of this wonderful illustration. Who would not be drawn to this vision of pure wildness on the sixth floor of a library in the middle of San Francisco? The [...]


This painting, with its dervish dancer whirling amidst the words dream, love, smile and happy, evokes the spirit of the Interfaith Art Exhibit currently showing in Oakland, California. This, the second since 2011, has grown out of many years of collaboration between three worship congregations in Oakland – Muslim, Jewish and Christian – who call [...]

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I am so pleased that my art will be “speaking” in two exhibits of sacred texts simultaneously in northern California, one a Catholic university, and one an Islamic cultural center. That I am speaking for the Sacred Feminine feels doubly sweet. “It is the Earth I sing.” A new interfaith exhibit is opening on Saturday, [...]


Sacred Texts Talking

by Cari on 03/28/2013

in Book Art

What makes a text sacred? There are probably as many answers to that as there are people who use them. Is text sacred when you feel a connection to something larger to yourself, whether or not you would call it Divine, something universal? Are there other kinds of sacred texts that may not have words, [...]