It is raining in California. And some of us are nervous about it. Only occasionally do we experience the river dance; this year the Coyote was a trickster. The waters have receded from the great flood of late February 2017 here in San Jose, but respect for the power of water in flow will not fade from [...]


Holy Water at Brigidtide

by Cari on 01/30/2017

in Writing

She Rises I have news for you: The creek swells, ducks dive, the dry time has gone. Trees tremble in winter storms, deep green the land; Shadows long, sweet the sun, warmth wanted. The hawk sings in a sapphire sky. On the ground, souls quicken, breathe clouds. This is my news. As we move into [...]


To the Waters and the Wild

by Cari on 01/28/2015

in Earthwise

I have been away. Turning inward after the holiday rush, slowing the pace, seeking silence to hear myself think. During a cold spell in early January, a flash of inspiration led me to look up northern California hot springs. Taking my chronically cold tootsies into very warm water is earthly paradise for me, so this [...]


At this turn of the Wheel, I was grateful to be up in the forest on the mountain, in more-than-ordinary sacred space, circling again with women at the autumnal equinox, and making a flower mandala as a farewell to summer. I had the round white cloth from my mother, who used it as a tablecloth [...]


Dragonfly Visit

by Cari on 07/18/2013

in Earthwise

As I step away from busy days in the studio, I often go outside to recharge in the garden or by the creek. Today I stayed close to the house to monitor a sprinkler and practice my daily qigong by the pear tree we planted for my father’s memory. The slowness of these movements brought [...]


Lammastide Reflections

by Cari on 08/01/2012

in Wheel of the Year

How can I tell you about the beauty of my creek? How can I tell you about the magic that is happening there every minute of the day and night? The mandalas that appear before my eyes, the patterns made of light and wind, water and tree? How, when two circles of ripples meet, diamond [...]


My quotation for the 2013 Heart to Heart calendar was a  delight to have on the drawing table last month. Over the years of contributing to this calendar, I’ve experimented with inventive layouts or calligraphy variations, sometimes trying out the scrawly “handwriting” style that seems so popular these days. But for this quotation, it seemed [...]


Summer Solstice Morning

by Cari on 06/21/2011

in Wheel of the Year

Summer Solstice morning. I rise early to greet the sun on this longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The sun in all its fiery glory is going to be sweltering today, so the early morning hours are especially sweet. I go up to the studio early, which will be uninhabitable later today. [...]


Turtle Mother

by Cari on 06/15/2011

in Earthwise

I love when my camera lets me see, with its zoom lens, what I can’t quite see without the magnification. Above is a turtle that has been basking on logs in my backyard river, Coyote Creek. I have seen several of these, but this one is often with her baby, which I was able to [...]


Great Blue Heron Sighting

by Cari on 05/23/2011

in Earthwise

Yesterday I was blessed by the sight of a great blue heron who flew overhead while I was outside practicing qigong by the creek. I have waited for a long time to see one. I have seen many of the smaller white egrets in my backyard creek environment, but until now I had never see [...]