When the longest night of year is here Our friends and family gather near To light a candle against the night And warm our spirits in the wonder of light The longest night of the northern year arrives tonight, and for a few moments, the world stills. Since writing the verse illustrated in this card, [...]

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The labyrinth with the heart at its center was the site and stage for a deeply personal family saga this year. At the winter solstice, our son married his beloved in the heart of this labyrinth. They joined paths by walking to the center and exchanged vows while poised on the heart. My part in [...]


Pilgrimage Song in Denver Exhibit

by Cari on 04/22/2014

in Book Art

I’m so pleased that my book Pilgrimage Song has gone a-traveling to Denver and is presently showing in Abecedarian Gallery‘s juried exhibit Artists’ Book Cornucopia V. The entire exhibit is viewable online here. The show, an eclectic sampling of contemporary handmade books, runs through June 7. My book is structured to evoke the pueblo’s central [...]


The Light of the New Year

by Cari on 03/20/2014

in Wheel of the Year

Today is celebrated as the New Year by two circles of friends. My Mexica neighbors dance in splendid feathered regalia, to bring in Ome Tochtli, “Two Rabbit Year” on the Aztec calendar. And my Persian friends are celebrating Nowruz, which means “New Day.”  These are very old observances indeed; and being on the solar calendar’s [...]


I have been making manuscript books in earnest for about ten years now. Over the years I made a few small books in calligraphy workshops, but my genesis as a book artist sprang from making The Charge of the Goddess in 2003. I wanted to make a pagan prayer book, and this was the closest [...]


At this turn of the Wheel, I was grateful to be up in the forest on the mountain, in more-than-ordinary sacred space, circling again with women at the autumnal equinox, and making a flower mandala as a farewell to summer. I had the round white cloth from my mother, who used it as a tablecloth [...]


I’m making the last remaining Mandala Prayer Wheels available to readers of this journal or followers of Prose and Letters on Facebook, and they will be at Kaleid Gallery for the rest of December. These are made from my Five Sacred Elements card and my Wheel of the Year card, mounted on black-core board and [...]


I love to see connections between different cultures and times across the planet. This Man in the Maze pattern in the American Southwest is identical to the ancient Cretan labyrinth symbol of pre-Hellenic Greece, except its corners are squared instead of rounded, and the figure of the man is included, making the reference to the [...]


Today marks the autumn equinox here in the northern hemisphere of our beloved Mother Earth, with equal parts of day and night. It is also the full moon tonight, a true harvest moon. I believe she is shining her reflective light on whatever needs balancing in our lives. For me this season is never without [...]


Teach Us, and Show Us the Way

by Cari on 04/07/2010

in Herstory

Wilma Mankiller 1945-2010 Chief of the Cherokee nation We have lost a great heart, a compassionate leader. Here are her words from the Praises for the World concert several years ago. In her life and in her death, which she spoke of openly and without fear, she taught us much, and showed us the way: [...]