Come in, Bride!

by Cari on 02/01/2017

in Wheel of the Year,Writing

Brigid Eve Quickly now. Sweep the hearth. Dress the altar with daffodils and flowering quince from the wild verges. Add small things. A blue pitcher of holy Glastonbury water, a jar of poppy seeds, a quill for me, and a crystal inkwell. Grandmother’s anvil, and from my daughter a tiny twin of the Newgrange spiral [...]


I am so excited to share news of a luscious new publication celebrating the work of one of my very favorite people, Alice. I wrote about Alice’s effect on my career a few years ago. So of course I am delighted that her fifty-plus years of unflagging excellence in the production of freelance calligraphy is being [...]


‘Twas a lovely Beltane morning bringing up the sun with the Morris dancers at the Baylands. When we wake at 4 a.m. to roll out of bed for this sunrise ceremony of frolic and awe, we grumble and wonder at ourselves, but what if the sun did NOT rise because we were too lazy to [...]


The labyrinth with the heart at its center was the site and stage for a deeply personal family saga this year. At the winter solstice, our son married his beloved in the heart of this labyrinth. They joined paths by walking to the center and exchanged vows while poised on the heart. My part in [...]


Divine Order and Disorder

by Cari on 05/02/2015

in Wheel of the Year

Beltane is the great favorite of the eight turns of the solar wheel. Everyone loves the celebration and revelry that comes with it, and it is beloved for its honoring of love and fertility. This year I was reminded of Beltane’s other magical nature, and its particular aspect of being a time when “the veil [...]


The earliest spring is here. Brigidtide, St. Brighid’s Day, Imbolc, Candlemas, Candlelaria, Groundhog Day (weather auguring), all names for the youngest springtime. In a nice correspondence, I find that this is also the time of year for the Hindu festival Vasant Panchami, celebrating the goddess Sarasvati and the beginning of spring. And the Yoruban festival [...]

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An American Folk Revels

by Cari on 12/17/2014

in Wheel of the Year

“Crossroads: An American Journey” is perhaps the most profoundly emotional of all the California Revels shows I’ve seen at the Scottish Rite Theater in twenty-two years. I expect it is because this year the Revels comes home, and presents an American folk Revels that rings deep in our hearts. It is full of songs we [...]


Let Union Be in All Our Hearts

by Cari on 10/16/2014

in Calligraphy

Let union be in all our hearts / Let all our hearts be joined as one / We’ll end the day as we began / We’ll end the day in pleasure / Right fa-la-ra-la-ry-tu-ra-ly-do / When we are together When I heard these lyrics at this year’s California Revels May Day celebration, the words sang [...]


Beltane Blessings

by Cari on 05/01/2014

in Wheel of the Year

A happy, frolicsome and joyful Beltane to all this fine May morning! This photo is from last year’s horn dance in the predawn darkness. The local Morris dancers do a fine job of dancing up the sun every year, beginning with this solemn ritual. My art above was inspired by these dancers. Though circumstances this [...]

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The Light of the New Year

by Cari on 03/20/2014

in Wheel of the Year

Today is celebrated as the New Year by two circles of friends. My Mexica neighbors dance in splendid feathered regalia, to bring in Ome Tochtli, “Two Rabbit Year” on the Aztec calendar. And my Persian friends are celebrating Nowruz, which means “New Day.”  These are very old observances indeed; and being on the solar calendar’s [...]