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Life Springs Forth

by Cari on 03/20/2017

in Wheel of the Year

The mother pleads Stay chaste But chased the girl will be by the course of her own bright blood And dark desire leads her away A flowery meadow, a walled garden are but a moment For soon she is caught in the net of time Lured by the offered fruits apple, pomegranate the proferred crown, [...]


Blessing the Year Old and New

by Cari on 01/06/2017

in Writing

A Blessing of Hands I warm my hands at the fire of my soul. My hands that broke my fall last spring. My hands that grasped the walker, clasped the brace, all summer, all autumn. My hands that wrote and rested. Other hands cut me and healed me. Other hands held me and fed me. [...]


Soul Tending

by Cari on 11/13/2016

in Writing

This week, I have had few words. I have felt such a deep sense of despair it borders on catatonia. I am tending to my soul, and doing all the right things to begin to heal the shock and disillusionment that have threatened to sink me, and so many of us. My time-tested way to [...]


All Hallows Eve

by Cari on 10/31/2016

in Wheel of the Year,Writing

Hallows Dear ones Your mute voices clamor in my ear Thin fingers pluck at my hem Your dry tears clot my throat I bear your unquiet loss. I light the candles I call the directions I bring the flowers I keep the faith, the waste, the plaint I give the breath, the blood, the bone [...]


Binding up a Year

by Cari on 06/02/2015

in Book Art

My annual journal follows its own idiosyncratic year, not the calendar. But each journal is more or less a year. Last year I had prepared the signatures, but due to a dramatic reversal in my life I was not able to bind them right away. Instead I filled one section at a time. This spring [...]


Divine Order and Disorder

by Cari on 05/02/2015

in Wheel of the Year

Beltane is the great favorite of the eight turns of the solar wheel. Everyone loves the celebration and revelry that comes with it, and it is beloved for its honoring of love and fertility. This year I was reminded of Beltane’s other magical nature, and its particular aspect of being a time when “the veil [...]


To the Waters and the Wild

by Cari on 01/28/2015

in Earthwise

I have been away. Turning inward after the holiday rush, slowing the pace, seeking silence to hear myself think. During a cold spell in early January, a flash of inspiration led me to look up northern California hot springs. Taking my chronically cold tootsies into very warm water is earthly paradise for me, so this [...]


The words of women seeking safety and strength for their reproductive lives speak across time. These childbirth charms first came to me by way of a book I read over twenty years ago, Women and Writing in Medieval Europe. Amid the excerpts from queens, nuns, and advice for wives, there is a short chapter called [...]


Lammas Tidings

by Cari on 08/02/2011

in Wheel of the Year

Lammastide. The harvest of what we planted at summer solstice is beginning to come in. We may still feel at the height of summer, but the whisper of fall is on the wind and there is a subtle shift in the light. We celebrate the turning of the wheel in a circle of stones, made [...]


Puddling around in the studio, watercolors inside, pouring rain outside. Green medicine in my glass: an infusion of fresh nettle tea, which glows a jewel-like green a day after steeping the fresh leaves in my teapot, a green tonic for spring cleansing of the body systems, laden with winter sluggishness. I’m thinking of rainbows as [...]