I am so excited to share news of a luscious new publication celebrating the work of one of my very favorite people, Alice. I wrote about Alice’s effect on my career a few years ago.┬áSo of course I am delighted that her fifty-plus years of unflagging excellence in the production of freelance calligraphy is being [...]


During the summer months of this year, I spent many hours perambulating between my studio and my computer screen, creating a modern manuscript in a medieval style. The job inquiry came in late May, and the final artwork was delivered the first week of October. During those four months, I used just about every trick [...]


A Remembering Altar

by Cari on 11/02/2015

in Wheel of the Year

This year my altar for the dead is small but heartfelt. Having just returned from a week in Seattle, I’ve been absorbed in the prosaic chores of laundry and others sorts of reconnoitering. But the home front didn’t feel complete without a nod to the ancestors and other beloved dead who seem to draw near [...]


Peace Comes Dropping Slow

by Cari on 06/17/2015

in Calligraphy

As the summer solstice approaches, when the sun seems to pause in the sky before beginning the long arc toward winter, I find myself with some still moments, a quietness within. And so, “peace comes dropping slow” and poetry resonates in my mind. I had the pleasure of immersing myself in “The Lake Island of [...]


I have been making manuscript books in earnest for about ten years now. Over the years I made a few small books in calligraphy workshops, but my genesis as a book artist sprang from making The Charge of the Goddess in 2003. I wanted to make a pagan prayer book, and this was the closest [...]


Superstition 13 Exhibit at SFCB

by Cari on 10/18/2013

in Book Art

“Superstition 13, Book Arts from the Shadow World,” is a juried show devoted to the occult and magical, currently on display at the San Francisco Center for the Book. It is indeed full of mystery, not least because the books are behind glass. We can see only a page spread and that just whets the [...]


The words of women seeking safety and strength for their reproductive lives speak across time. These childbirth charms first came to me by way of a book I read over twenty years ago, Women and Writing in Medieval Europe. Amid the excerpts from queens, nuns, and advice for wives, there is a short chapter called [...]


Sacred Texts Talking

by Cari on 03/28/2013

in Book Art

What makes a text sacred? There are probably as many answers to that as there are people who use them. Is text sacred when you feel a connection to something larger to yourself, whether or not you would call it Divine, something universal? Are there other kinds of sacred texts that may not have words, [...]


A Page in a New Publication

by Cari on 09/07/2012

in Book Art

Alphabet Ancestors was accepted to be one of 1,000 images of bookish goodness in Quayside Publishing’s new 1,000 Artists’ Books, published this summer. I speculated that my book art was chosen because of the unusual wrapper closure (a rock with two holes acting as a button), but instead, one of my favorite interior page spreads [...]


Bookwork Shows Summer 2012

by Cari on 06/25/2012

in Book Art

This summer some of my works are out a-traveling the exhibit circuit. While I work on new book creations in the studio, completed books and art of the past few years are on view in the following places: Litanies for Mother Earth was accepted into”The Poetic Pen” exhibit at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon, [...]

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