A Desert Journey

Tucson_Fountain Joy in Work

Today is the summer solstice, and I am glad of the peaking energy of the bright sun here in the northern hemisphere, while still feeling the shadow of what we begin turning to at the moment of greatest light. There is something so deceptively ordinary about this day, business as usual, while the great cosmic changes […] Read More


Water Mountain

Shasta railroad tracks

A few days after May Day, I bundled my bumped self into my car to drive north to Mount Shasta. I went to McCloud to teach a short class in drawing Celtic knotwork, as part of their first annual Celtic festival. But I welcomed the pilgrimage, to take time to go to the sacred mountain, […] Read More


Mother May I?

May_Heron Circle

Beltane magic comes in many forms. I enjoyed a quiet moment yester morn at the nature preserve, sharing a sunrise with this great blue heron. For a moment I felt we shared a circle, he fishing for his breakfast in the loop of water in the slough, and I on walkabout from the dancing circle […] Read More


Equinox Seeds


As I began writing this post for the spring equinox, in keeping with my promise to honor here every turn of the wheel of the year, I was thinking of seeds. I went to sleep last night considering the story of Persephone returning from the underworld, having eaten the pomegranate seeds, leaving behind her role […] Read More

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