Ursula_Beautiful Houses_Song of the Madrone Lodge

Ursula K. Le Guin has left us. But only her material form has gone. She has left us treasure. She was large, she contained multitudes. Of worlds, of characters, of feelings, of insights. Of books, of poetry, of essays, of words, words, words. She titled one of her last books of essays, Words are my Matter, […] Read More


Midwinter at My Hearth

Solstice_Advent Wreath

Today marks the beginning of the Twelve Days of Christmas. In churches the count begins on Christmas Day, but counting it from December 26 makes six days in the old year, and six in the new. This is how I learned it and practice it now. The twelve days of observance goes back at least to […] Read More


Solstice Eve

Solstice Eve Cauldron

The silver crescent sinks in the west at the dark margin of shortest day. Bring the cauldron, the salts of earth, the spirits of fire, water. Cast the spark. Now tear the strips, twist the paper, wind the wound in knots, tight. Bind it. The hushing shadows crowd round. Speak the story, say the names. Shout […] Read More


Round and round the year turns and here is Hallowtide again, Samhain, Hallowmas, Hallowe’en, Days of the Dead, Dias de Los Muertos, the final harvest festival of the agricultural year. This year, my hearth is in disarray with my kitchen still being remodeled, so instead there are little altars everywhere. In the living room, I […] Read More

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