Solstice Eve

Solstice Eve Cauldron

The silver crescent sinks in the west at the dark margin of shortest day. Bring the cauldron, the salts of earth, the spirits of fire, water. Cast the spark. Now tear the strips, twist the paper, wind the wound in knots, tight. Bind it. The hushing shadows crowd round. Speak the story, say the names. Shout […] Read More


Round and round the year turns and here is Hallowtide again, Samhain, Hallowmas, Hallowe’en, Days of the Dead, Dias de Los Muertos, the final harvest festival of the agricultural year. This year, my hearth is in disarray with my kitchen still being remodeled, so instead there are little altars everywhere. In the living room, I […] Read More

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Peace Requires Everyone

Peace requires everyone to be in the circle

This is my contribution for the 2018 Heart to Heart Calendar. Calligraphy with a broad-edged pen and black ink. Maize from a tended garden; pine needles from a wild place. The quote, by Isabel Allende, speaks to me. I love working in and with circles. Circles are more than a simple shape. They are a […] Read More

Gaian Retreat_Jessica Botanical Rosary

I have returned from women’s sacred space and been nourished and nurtured. For five days I sat in a circle of women and together we made a beautiful rosary, gathered on a strand of spirit work, anchored by the Sacred Mother, to tell our “beads,” our stories, our prayers, our wishes, our love. I made the […] Read More