The Flow and the Forge

In the beginning comes the flash of inspiration, the flicker of an idea, the flow of meaning. This is the genesis of almost any creative work. We feel lucky when we experience it. And some of us conspire to make it happen more frequently and deliberately. We use ancient language and the metaphors of the […] Read More


A Merry May Morn

Heel-and-Toe! Jolly Rumble-O! We were up, Long before the day-o, To welcome in the summer, To welcome in the May-o, For Summer is a-coming in, And winter’s gone away-o! This old folk song is on my lips every May Day morning, whether we roll out of bed at dark o'clock or not, to see up […] Read More


It is raining in California. And some of us are nervous about it. Only occasionally do we experience the river dance; this year the Coyote was a trickster. The waters have receded from the great flood of late February 2017 here in San Jose, but respect for the power of water in flow will not fade from […] Read More


Life Springs Forth

The mother pleads Stay chaste But chased the girl will be by the course of her own bright blood And dark desire leads her away A flowery meadow, a walled garden are but a moment For soon she is caught in the net of time Lured by the offered fruits apple, pomegranate the proferred crown, […] Read More