Codex 2019_Marina Soria_Mira Calligraphia_detail

Last week I emerged from my solitary bastion to go out into the world and rub elbows with other artists and writers. I’ve been thinking of my workspace as a StoryKeep – “keep” as in the inner stronghold of a castle, a refuge, plus another meaning of the word – to keep, to remember, to […] Read more


Blessing the Tools of My Work

Today is the day in the new year when many of us return to our work, having celebrated the time out of time that stretches variously from Yule to Epiphany, which falls just at the Twelfth Day of Christmas. These twelve days are figured a bit differently depending on your church or your folk way, […] Read more

California Revels 2018 - Chorus on Set

We sit in the darkening theater as the house lights go down. We have applauded the opening remarks of the artistic director and sit expectantly before the shadowy, exquisite stage, awaiting this year’s magic. As the audience quiets down, the clapping continues, and it is with a little thrill we realize the chorus is assembling […] Read more

Autumn Equinox_echinacia mandala

Today marks the Autumn Equinox here in the northern hemisphere, and I pause at this liminal time to consider the harvest of this online journal. When I began writing here just past the fall equinox in 2008, I promised myself and my readers I would write something to honor every turn of the Wheel of […] Read more