Soot_Love Look. 2014

In this season of high summer the year is quietly turning toward the dark , and loss is heavy on my heart. In mid-July, my companion Soot left us. He was twelve years old. Lap cat, fur slippers, familiar, magic-worker, sensitive, healer spirit. Best of cats. He was devoted to me, and I to him, […] Read More

Elderberry Harvest

An old name for Midsummer is Gathering Day. An herbalist gathers the magic of the summer solstice from the many medicinal and culinary herbs which are flowering or fruiting at this season of the sun's full power. This year we are at the dark/new moon which adds a lunar potency to the herbwifery of harvesting […] Read More

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Mary Austin_I shall follow it aright

Morning Prayer / Evening Prayer has been my labor of love for the past several years, a long time of pondering, making, stopping, returning, doubting, enduring – interrupted by uncertainty, by work for others, by planned and unplanned physical calamities – all this left me a bit shy of picking them up again, every time I returned. My […] Read More

Byron Embracing Willendorf cover

I am absurdly pleased to have been asked by my friend Byron Ballard to write a blurb for her new book, Embracing Willendorf. It has arrived in my mailbox and said blurb is indeed included. I truly enjoyed reading this book, as it followed pretty closely my own journey with a new body shape, similarly […] Read More